Neuroteach Level 1: Classroom Culture


Neuroteach Level 1: Learning Environments Track: Micro-Course C

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Miss Schafer's 9th grade Chemistry class isn't exactly the positive environment that you had hoped for when you were assigned as her class' substitute. Can you help turn around the classroom culture while she's away for her much needed cruise?

Neuroteach : Classroom Culture debunks popular neuromyths and replaces them with modern, research-informed strategies for establishing classroom policies and teaching strategies to create psychological and emotional safety.

This micro-course is experienced in two video driven lessons, eight story-based scenarios and two graded real life missions for 60 to 90 minutes over one to three weeks.

About the Creators

Whitman Kelleher

The Neuroteach Level 1 series was created by mind, brain & education pioneers Glenn Whitman and Dr. Ian Kelleher, authors of Neuroteach: Brain Science and the Future of Education. Learn more about this world changing initiative at

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