Neuroteach Level 1: The Science of Study


Neuroteach Level 1: Student Success & Well-Being Track: Micro-Course J

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As you sub for Mrs. Kumbhani's 9th grade Marine Biology class, you discover that her students have started a Secret Studying Society behind her back. Unfortunately, they've developed a set of ineffective study strategies as a result of being left to their own devices. Can you teach the students useful study strategies and help them hone their skills before Mrs. Kumbhani returns? 

The Science of Study debunks popular neuromyths and replaces them with modern, research-informed strategies for helping students learn, remember, and hone knowledge and skills at home.

This micro-course is experienced in two video driven lessons, eight story-based scenarios and two graded real life missions for 60 to 90 minutes over one to three weeks.

About the Creators

Whitman Kelleher

The Neuroteach Level 1 series was created by mind, brain & education pioneers Glenn Whitman and Dr. Ian Kelleher, authors of Neuroteach: Brain Science and the Future of Education. Learn more about this world changing initiative at

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