Neuroteach Level 1: Student Success and Well-Being Track (Track 4)

This Track Includes three of the twelve micro-courses required for Neuroteach Level 1 Certification:

  • The Science of Study (Micro-Course J). Enroll Today.
  • Thinking Outside the Brain (Micro-Course K). Reserve your spot for our March 4th, 2019 launch.
  • The Brain at 100% (Micro-Course L). Reserve your spot for our April 1st, 2019 launch.

Each micro-course is experienced in two video driven lessons, eight story-based scenarios and two graded real life missions for 60 to 90 minutes over one to three weeks.

About the Creators

Whitman Kelleher

The Neuroteach Level 1 series was created by mind, brain & education pioneers Glenn Whitman and Dr. Ian Kelleher, authors of Neuroteach: Brain Science and the Future of Education. Learn more about this world changing initiative at

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